From its beginnings in 1991 as an informal coalition of retailers through its incorporation in 2003 as a not-for-profit trade association, CERC has worked to:

Educate consumers, deregulate product markets, open the way for new competitors and consumer electronics products;

Protect retail customers from unfair enactments or impositions by Federal or state government, and from discrimination by private sector service providers; and

Preserve the value and utility, after purchase, of consumer electronics retail products.

CERC has most recently focused its efforts in helping to ‘educate’ and advocate our policy positions before legislators, regulators and our customers on a wide-range of issues, including the DTV Transition, Electronics Recycling, Energy Efficiency and E-911 Fees on Pre-paid Wireless services.

About Us

The Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition (CERC) is a non-profit association of established electronic, specialty, general retailers and retail associations. We have joined together, allowing us to focus our market perspective on the critical policy issues facing the consumer electronic retail industry and our customers. CERC has a unique and expert perspective on consumer electronics from the retail sector’s point of view.

CERC does not run trade shows, but rather focuses its resources on helping to educate decision makers and advocate on important public policy issues being discussed and debated at all levels of government. Our goal is to instill continued consumer and market confidence through our interactions with Federal and state government agencies, the U.S. Congress, the Administration and state legislatures.

CERC works closely with leading public policy leaders that share our interests to promote a pro-competitive, market-driven agenda, furthering the goals of and bringing a voice to CE retailers, general retailers who sell CE, our related trade associations, and most importantly our customers.