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What Retailers Can Learn From Dating Coaches


As a professional retailer you may scoff at the idea of learning anything of value from a dating coach, unless you are single and are looking to find a mate. However, the fact is that dating experts can teach us a great deal about how to most effectively court our prospects. After all, when you think about it there are many similarities between the process of attracting and closing the deal with a client and attracting and “closing the deal” so to speak with a member of the opposite sex. (If you are a single guy looking for tips on this sort of thing take a look at Dating Coach Jason Capital’s teachings, which are discussed at length in this Make Women Want You review.)

Dating, much like commerce, is a complex interplay of words, actions, and other intricacies. And in much the same way as it is important to create a favorable first impression on your date, it is also crucially important to create a favorable impression on customers and potential clients.

Let’s look at how this works in a typical dating scenario. Often the most crucial date is the first one, which some people view as a “nerve-wracking” thing to prepare for. In a globalized world where technology has increasingly played a role even in this kind of relationships, going back to the basics and face-to-face meetups seem to be harder than ever.

As cliche as it may seem, the best dating advice I know is still the old adage that you should just  “be yourself”. It’s classic advice, but it is still the best and most effective way for you to enjoy the date and for women to see what you really have to offer. Trust me on this one – you wouldn’t want to put on an act on the first date, and then get your cover blown later when you start getting comfortable and the “true colors” come to the surface.

This is the same in the business world. While it may seem that there is an advantage to putting on a front and pretending that you are something you are not to impress others, this is not a long term strategy that works out for many businesses. It is always far better to be honest about who you are, and what you are offering, and if these things aren’t up to snuff then they should be improved upon as soon as possible!

Of course this is just scratching the surface, and there are many other parallels between dating and retail sales that we can examine. I will however leave you with one more important one you may want to take action on immediately and that is physical presentation. As we all know, it is always helpful to be well-groomed when you are dating as women are particularly drawn to men who look better than simply presentable. Being presentable is a prerequisite. And since we’re delving into the basics here, it always helps to be courteous (it is always a plus for most women!) and to be spontaneous on your dates and when interacting with customers and clients. After all you wouldn’t want to everybody with dull, predictable conversations/service!

The Latest Technologies 2014


In the world of technology, innovation never stops. People never rest because there can always be a way to make processes safer, better, faster, and more convenient. Some of the new recent technologies being released lately are the iPhone 6, and Samsung’s Wearable Tech.

The iPhone 6 is the latest smart phone that Apple has to offer. Its screen is now bigger and better, but the phone overall is still pretty thin. It also offers Retina HD display, with better resolution, but it utilizes hardware that ensures that the performance of the phone is not sacrificed. Furthermore, it now gives you a barometer which senses air pressure, an accelerator which computes your running and walking distance, and gyroscope, for motion detection. You can now make your pass code your thumbprint and safely use your phone to pay for things at shops. Developments like this are actually quite mainstream; the smartphones of HTC, Samsung, and Nokia are doing equally brilliantly as well in making their phones better and faster. Furthermore, it seems like companies are also working towards having phone screens and cameras have better resolution.

Another new electronic device is Samsung’s Wearable Tech, which, according to Samsung, is like “a personal assistant right on your wrist.” Aside from just giving you the time, it allows you to connect to your Android smart phone and show you all your notifications there, from appointments made on the calendar to texts and calls. There’s a wide variety of Wearable Tech as well. You can search for things, make a call, and take a snapshot all through the pair of handy glasses on your head. What’s amazing is that both of it works a lot like your smart phone, offering almost all the apps it offers.

The new technologies being created today are truly fascinating. There will only be more and more new improvements to come.